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Mysterious facts about your breasts


The boobs tell us about our sexual personality, our health forms and how we get dressed in the morning.
The breast is also one of the world's most discussed, displayed, and desired body part.

However, some women don't feel comfortable with the shape/size of their breast and while others like it just the way it is.

Below are 3 mysterious facts about the female boobs.

1. Most women are not happy with their breast size/shape

Some women complain about the way their breasts ain't pointy anymore and decide to go for a boob job and for some others they also feel bad about it but decide to live with it. Sometimes, it's due to stigmatization by friends or society about how a perfect breast should be.

2. Boobs action turns you on

Most women get turned by boob-play, it gets them aroused. During foreplay, when a woman's boobs are being fondled well and the nipple nibbling and erotic smooches the breast experiences, turns a lot of women on.

3. During exercise, it's normal to feel pain

When you go for that early morning exercise, It's normal for the breast to hurt. In fact, almost one in three women jogging experiences breast pain. Some women even hold their boobs when the pain starts.



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Re: Mysterious facts about your breasts

no wonder i always feel pain in my breasts when am jogging.


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