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Parents sue 30year old son for not moving out of family house.


A New York judge has finally ordered a 30-year-old unemployed man to move out of his parents' home after the couple's attempt to have him vacate their home for months were abortive.

At a Tuesday hearing in court which was attended by the couple, Mark and Christina Rotondo of Camillus, New York and their son Michael, it was heard that their unemployed only-son does not pay any rent, nor does he help with any chores around the house.

The New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood who presided over the case also heard that the couple have been trying for months to kick their son out, and even offered to assist when he finally does.

According to Mail Online, Michael argued in court that legal precedent allowed him six months notice before his parents could kick him out. But the judge pointed out another case that nullified that previous decision, and called six months an 'outrageous' amount of time to ask for. Michael responded that it was 'outrageous' to evict him.

He left court frustrated, refusing to speak to his parents and saying he didn't think the judge read the case fully, according to CNY Central. He says he will appeal the decision.

The judge later asked the couple to come up with an eviction order that he would sign. But it was not decided in court how long Michael would be given to move out.

It was also reported that the couple's lawyer is planning to get an eviction notice that would be enforceable by the sheriff, despite the fact that Micheal plans to appeal.

According to Zillow, his parents home is owned by his mother, who bought it in 1988. The four-bedroom home is worth an estimated $218,000

Here are letters the couple have written to their son, informing him that he must leave the home.

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