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I have been unfortunate in life and love

As am writing this am in a deep pain,depressed and feel like committing suicide.
I have been married for the past 9years I had a baby girl but death took her away at age 4
I have been having miscarriages
Today a mystery unfolded I never knew my husband has 2kids outside our marriage.
My husband is a manager and he travels alot, I trust him with my life little did I know all the travels was for him to visit his concubine.(my best friend)

My best friend had 2 kids for my husband right
Under my nose,a lady I feed and accepted with all my heart and she told me her husband is in cameroun a week ago she gave birth to the second child and while she was pregnant for the second child she started keeping malice with me.I was with my husband that faithful day when they called him and told that the wife is owning n since she gave birth they haven't seen him(my husband)I heard n asked but he denied,i went to his office and got information that a Lady visits him,I was able to trace
The lady to her house wen I got there lo and behold it was my best friend whom I feed and sometime take her little girl with me to my husband rented an apartment for husband told me he will marry her and this is the man I loved with all my heart even when he has nothing I work hard to take care of my self..please I need advice


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