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My boyfriend is very stingy but likes collecting gifts

Hi , nice work.
Pls my issue is how to deal with a stingy boyfriend. I have bin dating this guy for over 2 years now and the only thing I can look and say he has gotten for me it's a wristwatch which he got on my first birthday wen we began dating.he is the kind of man that likes getting things and gifts from his woman and i know how far I hv done so for me no matter how little it is.

I m the kind of woman who sees somthing and know if my boyfriend will love it n get it but his case is different. He has the money but as little as to credit my phone is a problem for him but he enjoys wen I call him he spends minutes talking but wen I say i don't hv card or sub. He doesn't even bother.

Recently I fell ill and told him I needed to visit the hospital and wanted money he bluntly asked me "for what" but I told him to forget about it. It just baffles me on how he can be that greedy. M not the type to disturb my man for money or gifts but i expect him to do atleast little of those thing's becos i also do same for him. I hv asked him several times why he doesn't buy gifts becos he can take his time and shop for perfumes, wristwatches, shoes etc. M just pained and confused. How do i deal with such? Pls keep me anonymous.thank u


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Re: My boyfriend is very stingy but likes collecting gifts

issa sharp bf abeg


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Re: My boyfriend is very stingy but likes collecting gifts

these lagos idiots....dump his ass ABEG


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