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#1 2018-06-13 11:18:38

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Is my husband sleeping with my sister???

I am not understanding my husband's movement this night.

So he does not like my kid sister who lives with us and always beating her especially when I am around and I don't know why,but my kids use to tell me that daddy does not beat her when I am out,they use to play.
So this night I just woke up to go drink water and I saw my husband in the sitting room on his knees begging my kids sister as she was busy pushing him away,I stood there for few minutes before I made a sound and the next thing was a slap my husband gave my kid sister on her face and was shouting. Why are u sleeping on the coach ,have I not warned you not to sleep on my coach, and I got confused because it was as if I was dreaming this night.

I had to beg my sister to go inside and scolded my husband not to hit her again.
Bom I am still in bed right beside my husband thinking of a lot . Bom family is anyone thinking along that line I am thinking . Are these people playing with my Intelligence.


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Re: Is my husband sleeping with my sister???

play play play!!!!


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