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what can i do to hurt this man...he jilted me

Am sending dis from a friend's email...

Please keep my ID... I just need serious advice and talk, insult me if u want....I was dating(fucking) dis guy i know we re not going anywer due to wat profession he is into...My brothers and sisters d thing come dey sweet me eh i con get belle oooo, well i removed it with my own money all of a sudden dis toad starts giving me attitude well to an extend i caused it (dont want to go into details) so i told myself not to end d relationship wit quarrel so i called my bf many times he did not pick nor did he return my text, so i went to his house/room only for me to meet a girl...O boy dis guy wash me eh i almost cry so i just left him and d girl after i appolised to d girl....Can u imagine dis guy is feeling like jagaban and me no fit sleep cos d scene keeps playing in my head....i need advice on wat to do to him dat will hurt him before he leave dis month ending.....Imagine d girl no even fine.....E pain me eh just dat i cant cry


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