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My boyffriend is a frustrating cheat but i love him

Thanks, please would you be kind not to disclose my identity? Thanks

I have a lot to say , but i really can't say much ,i feel so sad i have been in a relationship for more than two years now, even though i know he doesn't deserve me i still stay back,he cheats on me over and over again and i keep forgiving, he abuses me emotionally but i can't find myself leaving ,i'm not in love with him but i am already attached to him,i'm scared of being alone like i don't know what is out there and it's scary .I don't get to meet people because i'm like an introvert and my friend will be like how can i get to meet someone better when i don't even go out.I am hardworking, i lost my dad last year it was hard for me,being the first child and still in school i had to pick myself up ,sold make up with the little money i had,when i exhausted the money on school work, i went for cake training and i bake well given the fact i have limited tools my jobs are good, my grades are good in school but the money i get is not enough.

How long do i have to keep struggling like this? Mom's in debt,i have siblings she's taking care of so i don't ask for anything from home. It gets tiring you know, tiring and frustrating.

I went through Bf's phone and as usual he is cheating,confronted him and as manipulative as he is,he still denied.
Why can't i be happy, why do i always have to struggle bc i am so tired i don't know if i can continue, everything hurt and i am slowly getting to that edge of depression. Is it that some people deserve love and some don't? I'm just 23 but i have been taking care of myself for so long that i can't be relaxed without thinking of what the next thing will be because i don't want anything falling apart...I deserve to be loved right? To be happy?
I am sorry for the long epistle i just wanted to let all these out.thanks


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Re: My boyffriend is a frustrating cheat but i love him

women are often times the cause of their problem


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