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we have amamzing chemistry but he just stopped reaching out

Hello , Thank you building such a great platform. Please leave me anonymous,

I mate a guy few months ago and I wasn't even planning on dating anyone at the moment, in fact I was a happy single girl. We went on few dates, went on a trip and then we started spending our weekends together. We have an amazing chemistry when we're together, the sex is all shades of amazing but all of a sudden he stopped reaching out as often as he used to so I told myself maybe he needed space and I let him be but to my surprise I was at a party when he showed up and acted like we were all bread and butter, I played along, we danced, stepped outside and had long conversion about everything except our feelings.

At the end of the night I refused to follow him home, he called me the next day and I went over and all we did was talk for hours, stepped out later to get food, he dropped me in my house and I have not heard from him since then. I'm so confused, I don't know what his problem is, I'm not a chaser and I like to respect people's space and decisions. What could be the problem? should I keep calling him just to check up on him? At this point it hurts so badly, I'm so good at controlling my emotions but this one cuts so deep. I'm feeling so strange, I have never felt like this before it's so new and it's scares the hell out of me. Please help a sister.


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