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My boyfriend dislikes me because I don't send nudes, what should I do?

Good day, may God bless your good work, pls help me post this. I'm 25yrs old girl and I have being in a relationship with this guy for about 6yrs now and I have a 4yrs old child for him, apart from paying school fee for our daughter for two terms he has never spent a penny on me or my child and I don't even ask him coz he's always complaining, not that I have but I do the best I can, two years ago he traveled out of the country.

He always reminds me of how much I have sacrificed for him, early this year he said something that shows that he is doubting if he is truly the father of our child, I was surprised, he went ahead to say if there's something I want him to know, I should tell him now that he will forgive me, I just told him that if he finally settled he is free to take the child for a DNA test, (I forgot to tell you he's the one that deflowered me and I have never cheated on him), another thing is he always asking me for nude pics nd I'm not comfortable with it coz It ends up making me masturbates.

I had to go on fasting and prayers just to be free, I explained all this to him but to my surprise, that's when he increase the rate at which he ask for my nude, he hardly call me now because I no longer sent him nudes, sometimes he will be online without chating with me or replying my message, sometimes when we are video chatting and a call come in my phone, he will ask me if that's my new boyfriend, I will jokingly say ''yes'' he will reply "I don't even care" fast-forward to yesterday the same thing happened and I switched off my phone, when I went online this morning I saw his message saying that I most tell him how many men has slept with me since he traveled and I'm going to swear with the Bible...

I'm so heart broken right now and I'm tired of all this lack of trust and attitude. What should I do? I will be in the comment section and please make me anonymous, thanks


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Re: My boyfriend dislikes me because I don't send nudes, what should I do?

It appears you have bigger issues with him compare to nudes. Go have heart to heart talk with him


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